The B.a.t. Tax

Is an everything tax for ...

Your car

Your gas

Your clothes

Your food

Your medicine

... And more!

It's a job killer, guaranteed

The B.A.T. TAX now includes the all-new JOB-KILLING formula … FREE!

The B.A.T. Tax's “JOB-KILLING GUARANTEE” means you can rest easy knowing nothing kills JOBS like the B.A.T. TAX.

What customers are saying

"I lost my job at the store!"

“My grocery bills have never been higher!”

“I’ll never be able to afford a new car again!”

What is B.A.T., seriously?

House Republicans in Congress have proposed the Border Adjustment Tax, also known as the B.A.T. This would be a new, additional tax on the products we use every day.

B.A.T. supporters want you to believe that it will bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States by punishing American companies that import goods.

The reality is the B.A.T. will increase costs and kill jobs. Goods imported into the United States – gas, medicine, fruits, vegetables, clothing – will be more expensive for everyone.

The National Retail Federation estimates price increases of at least 15 percent, costing the average family as much as $1,700 a year.

We need tax reform – but not if it hurts middle class families who can’t afford to pay more for essential goods.

The B.A.T. tax is a BAD tax.